Dr Andy Pulman is eLearning Manager for the Faculty of Medicine. Since joining the university in 2013, he has worked on a number of different projects including project managing the reimplementation and migration of existing eLearning resources to a new platform on behalf of Faculty, co-ordinating the creation, evaluation and roll out of new virtual patient cases for the new Faculty of Medicine curriculum, leading and managing the collection and analysis of qualitative data for a global eLearning nutrition project evaluation and the design and writing of new eLearning materials concerning digital professionalism for medical students.

Andy has been nominated for several awards during his career and is also the author of a number of articles on technology, health and eLearning in addition to a pocket study skills book – Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts & More – which was published in 2009. Since 2011 Andy has also self-published a number of iPhone and Android Mobile Apps including the Type 1 diabetes friend: alcohol guide (December 2012) which aimed to help young people with type 1 diabetes find out what to do to keep safe and how alcohol could affect their body (co-created with the Poole Hospital Diabetes Centre as a part of his PhD research).

Andy’s research interests include digital professionalism, virtual patients, the use of technology to improve health, empathy and dignity through technology, graphic medicine, the use and integration of medical apps for education and health and interesting technology related phenomena like divided attention disorder.

If you would like to contact Andy (about consultancy, collaborative or job possibilities, speaking, writing, or developing) then please feel free to get in touch.

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